Our golf professionals proudly offer instruction to help improve your game. They utilize state-of-the-art training equipment to enhance the value of lessons. Private lessons are available for one or two players at a time or a clinic may be scheduled for a group lesson.

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Pro's Tip

How to control the ball in the wind?

  1. Ball Position: play the ball slightly further back than normal in your stance.
  2. Narrow your stance, with your weight a little forward of center. This reduces movement off the ball, shortens the arc and will reduce the weight shift, which leads to lower ball flights.
  3. Grip down on the club. This will give more control over the club.
  4. When it’s breezy swing easy. Have a relaxed grip, tension free swing.
  5. Club Up! Don’t try to kill the ball. Take 1 to 2 clubs more and swing easy!
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